The Bells

Southwark Cathedral bells are one of the oldest, heaviest and most challenging rings of 12-bells hung for English-style change ringing.

They were cast and hung in the central tower of the Cathedral in 1735 by Samuel Knight.

The heaviest bell, or Tenor, weighs 48cwt (2,438 Kg or nearly two and a half tonnes). This makes it the 7th heaviest tenor bell in the world.

Although old, heavy and challenging to ring, their tone is good and the noise they make makes the effort of ringing them well worthwhile.

The bells are rung regularly for the most important Cathedral services and for a weekly practice by an enthusiastic local band.

More details of the bells and bellringers of Southwark Cathedral can be found here.


2 Responses to The Bells

  1. Tony Braben says:

    What a fantastic idea Peter…….I am sure you will have fun, the West coast will be wonderful this time of year.

    Myself and Gwen Rogers did a similar ride for The St. Martins Rehang back in the 1990’s, same time of year as well….not quite as far I will add, but Edinburgh to Westminster was still not simple.

    Again have fun.
    Tony B.

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