This website provides a Journal of the Big Cycle Ride of 1,310 miles carried out by the Master of the Southwark Cathedral Society of Bellringers, Peter Valuks.

Peter rode to raise money for major work to be done on the bells at Southwark Cathedral.  Please consider giving to the appeal.

There is more information about the Southwark Cathedral bells and the need for an appeal, the cycle ride and Peter himself contained in the links at the top of the page.

The blog, or journal of the ride can be found on the home page.

2 Responses to About

  1. Phil Tremain says:

    Hi Peter, by the look of the map you’re heading up the North Coast of Cornwall (A39?) so anything we can do to help, food, washing, drying (this is Cornwall, it will rain) or even a bed for the night (or if that’s cheating at least a place to pitch the tent) you will be very welcome. Do you have a planned schedule of overnight stops, you wouldn’t be the first end-to-end cycling ringer we’ve helped?

    Phil Tremain
    St Columb Major

    • SwarkPV says:

      Hi Phil,

      Thank you for the kind offer. I will be following the North coast at least as far as Padstow, but after that I’m still undecided but waivering towards the Launceston, Oakhampton, Crediton option. This means I will be passing close to you though.

      I have no schedule of overnight stops and don’t really want to plan one since I want to be free to do whatever mileage I feel up to doing each day. That said, I expect to camp around Penzance on 29th having ticked off the Lizard during the day, so then I will do Lands End on 30th, and St Column Major will be about 70 miles into the trip, which seems to be a sensible amount for the Cornish Terrain. So it is possible that I might make it to yours for the night of Saturday 30th. If that is the case, and if you will be home then, I would be very glad of a pitch for my tent in your garden and use of your bathroom. I think a bed would feel too much like cheating. If this fits in, drop me an email with your contact details and I will give you a call on the Saturday to let you know progress and whether it makes sense to stop at yours.

      Thanks again.


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