Day eighteen – strong winds, but the end is in sight




The promised strong winds did arrive, and the first ten miles, which included cycling South along the Western shore of Loch Eriboll, took two hours, although that included a very welcome stop for coffee and cake. I was struggling in first gear on the flat, and got blown onto the verge three times.

But having rounded the head of Loch Eriboll, the wind was behind me, and for most of the day it was a great help. Despite the strong winds, the cloud was high, and there were plenty of sunny intervals to see the views.

The roads were fairly easy, and the views of the mountains were good. I made it to Tongue for lunch, which left a large number of miles to do to my intended destination of Thurso. But with the wind behind me this was not a problem, and I made it to Thurso at about 7.15pm. I found the Thurso Bay Caravan and Camping Park and camped with a good view of the bay and Dunnet head, the most northerly point and my next objective.

Having cooked supper at the tent I ventured into town and am currently in the Newmarket bar, drinking McKewans and Highland Park.

I’m very pleased with today’s progress, which sets me up for completing the Big Ride tomorrow, including the N and NE point as well as John O’Groats. I am camping within site of the Northern tick.

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