Day eleven – reaching and crossing the Clyde




It had rained overnight, so the tent was wet when I packed up. The lack of showering facilities, and that I couldn’t wash up last night’s pots to cook breakfast, meant that I got an early start, and was on the road by about 8.30.

The route continued to be picturesque with the Galloway and South Ayrshire hills and a few lochs. It then avoided the built-up areas near the coast by running parallel to it inland on the B730, eventually and inevitably reaching the coast at Irvine. Here I stopped for lunch after 45 miles, and realised that I was on target to get across the Clyde estuary today. As I followed the road up the coast, I could see the storms brewing over the sea, and it wasn’t long before it started raining, and did so on and off for the rest of the day.

There are several islands off the coast around here, and it seemed that every town I passed through was a ferry port for one of the islands.

Again I made good progress up the coast and was able to get the ferry to Hunter’s Quay by 6pm. Once over the route took me up the coast past the pretty Holy Loch, a former submarine base. In the brief spells when the clouds parted, the mountain scenery was becoming more dramatic.

I arrived at the camp site near Ardbeg after 91 miles cycling. The owner was reluctant to let me camp as the pitches were already waterlogged and there is more rain forecast. However, I didn’t see that I had any other options, so decide to stay and hope that I don’t get flooded.

I’m pleased with today’s progress. It puts me on track to get to Oban tomorrow, and possibly across to Mull as well. I just wish the rain would go away and that my legs would repair themselves so that I can cycle at a better pace

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2 Responses to Day eleven – reaching and crossing the Clyde

  1. Just Gai says:

    My gradparents lived in Dunoon and I remember this part of the world from trips to see them. It’s incredibly beautiful – but regretably also very wet. I guess you can’t have one without the other.

  2. Martin Frederick Valuks says:

    I can picture you in your sodden tent with swirling rain and mountains all around – heaven and Oban tomorrow -excellent news, well done!

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