Day ten – back on the road



This was only really the evening. By the time I had got back to Dumfries from Somerset it was about 5pm. This was an hour later than expected because the previous train from Carlisle had been cancelled due to a freight train dropping some of its load on the track.

One problem I faced was that there was a campsite about 10 miles out of Dumfries and then not another one for about 40 miles. I wanted to put as many miles as possible in, but knew that the second one was too far. So I decided to try to find somewhere to camp rough for the night since the route seemed fairly remote beyond Moniaive.

The route took some pleasant little back roads up the river valley as far as Moniaive, and then headed up into the hills for a pass towards Carsphairn.

I had been very concerned about my knees and the tendons in my right calf. When I had arrived at Dumfries three days ago they were so painful that I could hardly cycle at all. But the rest seemed to have done some good, and I was able to make good progress without too much discomfort.

I managed to find a secluded spot in the woods to pitch my tent and enjoy the Irish Stew and tinned haggis I had bought during my wait in Carlisle.

Given the late start, I was pleased with managing 33 miles over a pass before camp, and relieved that I could actually cycle after the three day rest.

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2 Responses to Day ten – back on the road

  1. Just Gai says:

    Are you taking any treatment for your knee? I’m glad the break has done it good ,

  2. Martin Frederick Valuks says:

    good that the rest seems to have suited you, Haggis in a tin!

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