Day Eight – Overcoming adversity, and entering the Lakes.




I’m not really a morning person at the best of times. I had intended to take advantage of staying in a Travelodge and not having to cook breakfast or take down the tent, by getting an early start. But the alarm went off, and I just snoozed, and didn’t get going until 10 anyway.

The knee was worse this morning and the slightest uphill section sent me into bottom gear and about 5 mph as I plodded towards Preston. Nevertheless I made progress and had cleared Preston and completed over 30 miles before I stopped for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty Preston is down by the river.

After lunch the route was to run parallel with the A6 up to Levens. As the hills were really slowing me down, I opted for two cycle path sections. Firstly from Glasson Quay to Lancaster along an old railway line, and then on to Carnforth along the Lancaster Canal tow path.

I was dreading entering the Lake District because I thought the hills would be too much. But in reality the hills in this South East area are not so bad, except for the pull up from the Bowness ferry towards Hawkeshead, and at that point the discomfort seemed to have eased off a little.

It has been a mainly fine and very calm day, so there have been good reflections in the waters of the canals and lakes, some of which I have managed to capture in pictures.

Hawkeshead was my intended destination, so I was pleased to make it there at about 8.30. Whilst cooking dinner it began to rain, and this turned to thunder while I was eating. I think I was fortunate that the rain did not arrive sooner.

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3 Responses to Day Eight – Overcoming adversity, and entering the Lakes.

  1. Sheila Cheesman says:

    Glad you gave Lancashire a good press (being a Lancashire lass myself). We’re on the Kennet and Avon canal for a week so it was good to see a pic of the Lancaster. Jeremy sympathises with cyclists knee. Sounds like you’ll be North of the border soon – decent beer maybe a problem.

  2. Stewart says:

    What a nice picture of the railway bridges over the Ribble in Preston. Having crossed the far bridge many times I have never seen it from the river bank.

  3. Just Gai says:

    It’s interesting comparing your bike ride with the train journey I’m so familiar with. I’ve always thought Lancaster worth a visit but have bad memories of being stranded at Preston station when our train broke down en route to Edinburgh.

    We had a heavy downpour last night – for which I have to admit I was very grateful. The garden was parched and the pond half empty.

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