Day three – Struggling against the weather.




It rained overnight. When I went for my shower in the morning it had stopped, but returned as I was cooking breakfast.

I then waited a while to see if it would stop, but it didn’t. So I decided to pack up as quickly as possible and go. Just as well as 10 minutes later the heavens opened and the rain was torrential for most of the morning.

Phil Tremain from St Columb Major had contacted me before the trip offering to provide assistance as I went through. I had originally hoped to make it to his place yesterday and camp in the garden. The next plan was to make it there for morning ringing, but the rain held me up too long and I didn’t arrive in St Columb until the service had started. I stopped off to buy provisions, and on coming out of the Co-op Phil was waiting to shake my hand having popped out of the church in between reading a lesson and the communion.

I pressed on through the pouring rain to Padstow, where I was hoping to catch the ferry across the river Camel to Rock. The ferry is dependant on the tides, and I had not researched them. Luckily it was running and the crossing formed the highlight of the day. The ferry man did not charge me either, saying that it was the least he could do since I was riding for charity.

Rock is home to Sharpes brewery, so I was determined to seek out a pint of Doom Bar to have with my lunch. This I did at the Mariner’s Rock, along with a very nice Cornish pasty. The visit was only slightly marred by the rather officious barman who very reluctantly let me plug my phone charger in. Given the weather my solar panels weren’t going to achieve much.

Leaving Rock, most of the rest of the day seemed to be a battle up hill against the wind. At least the rain had stopped by about 3pm.

By the time I reached Launceston I had had enough, and started asking the locals for directions to the campsite that my guide book implied was there. However, no one seemed to know about a camp site, so I plodded on until nearly dark when I reached Bridestowe and it’s camp site.

So ended a tough day, making tea and heating noodles by torch light. My fuel for the stove has now run out, so no tea and no beans and sausages in the morning.

At least my mileage was up on the previous 2 days at 70 miles, for a total of 186 for the trip. Given the conditions I don’t think that was bad, although it was one of the toughest days cycling that I have ever done.

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2 Responses to Day three – Struggling against the weather.

  1. Just Gai says:

    It’s great that some people are willing to waive charges for charity – except for the grumpy barman!

    I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.

  2. Phil Tremain says:

    Good to see you Peter but so sorry about the weather, such bad luck after the April we’ve had. Hope it improves for you this week.

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