Day one. Southerly point ticked off.




It was an early start to catch the 7.06 from Paddington. A change of trains at Exeter was supposed to put me on a small local train with no need for cycle or seat reservations, but that train was full. So I had to wing it without reservations on the next intercity and arrived 30 mins late to Penzance. So I set out at about a quarter to two.

I stopped off at Halfords to get a gel saddle cover which I thought might save my bottom, but after five miles I discarded it because it just wasn’t comfortable.

Lovely weather and good cycling all the way to Lizard Point. I found a stranger to take my picture and then enjoyed a really scrummy Cornish cream tea in the Most Southerly Cafe. I hope this will be the first of many on the Big Ride.

Then back to Penzance, taking a detour through Helston town centre, where they had put bunting up – presumably for my ride.

I then took the small, and at times very steep, lanes around Mosehole and Lamorna to end up camping for the night at Boleigh Farm near Lamorna. This is about 7 miles from Land’s End. Then it was time to heat up some noodles for tea.

Altogether a very enjoyable day with good weather, some fantastic scenery and one objective ticked off.

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