Route map updated

The map for the Big Ride now has the detail for the intended route.  According to Google Maps it will be nearly 1,400 miles!

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2 Responses to Route map updated

  1. Stewart says:


    When we spoke today – after the blessing of your bike by +Christopher – I asked how close you would be passing to Glasgow. Have seen your route, I see that you will be passing my place of work – on the Clyde Coast – south of Largs – on your way to the ferry at Gourock. When do you expect to be passing by. Must be worth a photostop if we can meet up.


    • SwarkPV says:

      Hi Stewart,

      Sorry to have been very slow at responding to this. I don’t have precise plans of where I will be each day, but to be on target I would expect to pass through Largs around the 9th May. Keep checking the blog, and I will try to email you a day or two before.


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